"The Pirate Kit Fox," by Brian Cypher

In The Pirate Kit Fox, kit fox expert Brian Cypher recounts the one that got away – a kit fox so formidable and cantankerous, it nearly brought a grown man to tears.

“All along, I had thought (hoped?!) that, once in the bag, the fox would calm down and settle like most foxes did when they were bagged. But any hopes for normalcy were immediately dashed. I might as well have bagged the Tasmanian Devil! Even in the bag, he continued to scream and spun around in the sack like a whirling dervish... I was holding a 5-pound bag of canid hell that wanted nothing more (other than to get away) than to open up a can o’ whup-ass on me!

“The whole encounter left me shaken and soaked with sweat… I’ve never been much of a drinker, but that morning it sure sounded like a good idea.” 

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