Chapter 1-Nostalgic days of yore.

Chapter 1

Nostalgia days of yore.

“Ignorant modern humans believed that time begun with the creation of their own universe and world but we immortals know it did not. We know better. Oh well, with their lives being so short they may find it difficult to comprehend or fathom there existed a time before time as they know it. As a matter of fact humans are the youngest race of the immortal family. They don’t know that. Hell, most doesn’t even know they too, are immortals.” ZETHOS angrily thinks, he was once a king, the king of Thebes in Boiotia which is located in Central Greece. He and his twin are sons of Zeus and his lover, Antiope.

He looks out at the Aegean sea yearning for the past the nostalgic days of old. He pines for the days when immortal kingdoms of sparkling jewelry was bountiful, he pined for the days of love and life being a breeze, when happiness was everywhere. But Zeus just had to mess it all up.

He was dreaming of their lives in the days before earth’s creation; before everything in the heavens was centered on earth and humans. He was dreaming of their lives before Zeus’ destruction of Atlantis.

Having noticed his son in deep thought and having pulled these thoughts unknowing from Zethos’ mind. Zeus inquired of them.

“Father, tell me again...why can’t we go home. Why are we dawdling among this inferior race of Adamites? This is their world, not ours.” Zethos whines.

The question upstarted Zeus, for years beyond humanity’s existence he had longed for the same thing. To reinstate Olympus to it’s former glory. But that wasn’t happening any time soon and Zethos knows that. The part of Olympus protruding and resting onto a mountain in Greece is merely the backdoor to the once glorious kingdom and celestial realm. The parts humans rave about is nothing compared to her former beauty. He did give the world the language, literature, ruling system and alphabet of Olympus, but they seems to have forgotten all he contributed to their development. He wish he had left them primitive after the devastating global flood.

His mind drift back to the ancient days of yore. Perhaps Zethos was right. Perhaps it better to restore Olympus than to muddle with mortals. He let go of the present and allowed his mind to drift back to a far distance past. A past, he like many others have avoided:

Inside the milky quartz gate, leading from the main celestial highway to the realm of Olympus, is where his weary eyes rest. The Milky Quartz gleams in a brightness no human have ever seen. Except perhaps one and he doesn’t wish to think about her right now. The white translucent to opaque variety of crystalline quartz luster road lead to his magnificent palace. A palace larger than the entire earth. Although the stones is the commonest variety found in pegmatites and hydrothermal veins found throughout his kingdom it’s highly prized among humans. The pink and magenta planets housing his children can be seen from a distance. They float about as pretty as nova star.

These were the days before the “Great War”, when peace flowed like a smooth, pacifistic river. There was no care in any realms. No one knew what death, pain, suffering and woe was although all had been warned of things they may cause their falls. They had been warned that the immortal being named Evil would tempt them into his snares. But back then he wasn’t named Evil. His name was Albritiel. A wise and consoling king among the others. No one knew his exact age nor exactly what was he for when they knew themselves they knew him. No one paid serious attention to Michael’s warnings of do not associate with him for he will lead one astray. Michael warned about everything. Besides everyone knew the rules and was too old and clever to fall for Albritiel’s tricks. Besides no one took his joke seriously except Michael.

He enters Hera’s chamber where she is seated among their created beings as they attend her every want and desire for there was no need. None knew the experience of a need. He didn’t care much for the idea of creating beings with intelligence but what could he say---that was the rule.

He was a sight to behold—a splendorous, handsome figure dressed in a gleaming white coat extending to his knees adorned with the gemstones and the seal of Olympus on his chest. His thick flowing white hair glowed with the brightness of the sky above. Hera’s attributes matched his own in her Grecian styled dress flowing over the chaise which she sat with their youngest child.

The children was created by the combining powers and essence of both parents not birthed as the only method available to lowly humans, a few immortals tried that method but did not care for it.Although, humans didn’t exist then but their methods were known. Sex wasn’t viewed as an evil necessity. It was more recreational. Although, faithfulness was the law rarely was it kept completely. It was ok to take on a lover just so long as you remembered where your heart belonged.

He bent and kissed Hera’s upturned cheek and tickled little Athenea under the chin. The golden haired child giggled and pushed his hand away. They decided this one wouldn’t be created an adult. They would allow her the luxury to grow into adulthood. Hera excused her staff but not her guest which consist of the queens Lilithael and Paranormael. Paranormael whom everyone called Paranorma was the newly wedded bride of Azazael. They had been married a short sixty five million years. Hera had often commented to him how the young couple needed to take it easy on making children for they only had six worlds so far which can so quickly become over populated.

“Zeus, my sweet prince, oh I sometime forgets he’s no longer a prince but now King Azazael, will be home shortly. I’m giving a gala for his homecoming. I can’t barely wait to see him.” The marble skinned black haired exceptional beauty said extending the invitation to their older brother. Paranorma’s beauty was legendary among the queens.

“Oh really?” Hera asked, sitting Athenea on the floor and sending her along to play with her numerous siblings. The three delightfully watched the young six thousand year child run to join the others.

“Yes, I’m so glad. They’ve been training for something since forever.” Paranorma exclaimed.

“No, I don’t think so.” Zeus corrected. “Brustiel and Azazael simply loved to tussle and play fight so Father simply gave them a way to extinguish all that energy. When younger they played too rough for my children.”

Hera nodded. “Pascasiel was always the gentle one of those three.”

Paranorma didn’t care for the compliment but hid it well because she wanted these two at her party. It was an honor for those of Zeus and Hera’s caliber to attend your social functions. All one had to do was say they was appearing and they other showed up even if they had declined your earlier invitation.

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