Janna Grace's latest update for The Talkers are Talking

Feb 9, 2016

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that I am in full writing mode! I have been able to devote 2 to 3 full days a week to writing and am looking to get my final draft to Inkshares and Girl Friday Production by June 1st latest. According to average production time from there, the publish date would be somewhere in September or October! Thank you so much again for making this possible.

Next, I would love to send you all along to a project that a friend is spearheading and I will be contributing to. I am reaching out to all of my writer/reader friends and thought many people on Inkshares might be interested too. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Tale Spinners is an initiative dedicated to providing free fiction to the public.  We are a collaboration of writers, poets, and artists from multiple walks who all have one underlying commonality: we believe in the power of story telling.  Our goal is simple - do what we love, and bring others along for the ride.

In layman’s terms, a small coalition of artists and aspiring authors have come together to pump out some great stories --- for free.  Our question is: who is interested?  So we’re running an experiment (blame our lead organizer for this one).  Check out our link below:


Thanks again and I hope you are all well!