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World Proposal

The Skaa run on a VIRGINTI Calendar

- 20 Months in a year (named by the latin prefixes for each corresponding number)

-each (1) Month has 70-days, each (1) Day runs on a 30-hour cycle, each (1) Hour has 30-minutes

Solar System - THE SKATA

- (1) star

- (3) planets, each in the Skaa Kingdom

- Cor

- Largest, a blue planet

- Manufacturing, production, trade

- Slums, large class difference

- Skaa Republic

- Middle, green planet

- Politics, aristocracy, nobility

- Veron

- Small, red planet

- Intelligence, violence

- Scholar

- Army (top secret)


Skaa, as mentioned before, are creatures that have access - on average - to roughly 75% of their brain at any one given moment to be used simultaneously. They were a pure-blood species originally, but somewhere along the line there was a civil war that divided the blood and tainted them from the longevity they’d previously had. They used to last thousands of years - now they only last hundreds, if they’ll lucky. Recent studies have shown rapid declines in lifespans, as hundreds drop to decades (the normal lifespan of a human). Mason does not fall into this category, though his siblings do. His parents also do not fall into the decade category. They have lived through hundreds of years.

Their pubescent stage tends to last - in human time - around three years, and can break off or restart at any given time. They are prone to volatile behavior when provoked, and form very strong connections with their mates. They are strictly a monogamist species, and tend to mate for life, with a friend, or a marriage mate, - and if a mate dies, they either die with them, or remain alone for the rest of their existence. It is rare for Skaa to mate a second time. Divorce is strictly forbidden one a marriage takes place. That is the traditional lifestyle.

Skaa are an extremely intelligent species, and with that brain power, hold a strong tolerance for libido. They generally produce at least three children per household by the fifth year of marriage. Skaa do not tend to procreate out of marriage, but it is not forbidden.

Skaa are strongly affected during their pubescent stage(s) of life. For some, it is a solid pact of three years, while for others, pubescent tendencies are present throughout their youth in chunks that, if added together, make up a total of about three years. During this time, they are fiercely protective of anything that is theirs - their mate, home, work, religion, etc. Their possessiveness can make them hot-headed and impulsive.

However, despite their childish tendencies, they are extremely capable of thinking with a clear-head. Their pride never comes before their fall; they are generally a humble species.

Because they are able to do so much with their minds, they tend to branch out in the business world, scholar media, and the philosophical realm. Their influences are not dependent on social status, though they are generally in the upper class.

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