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Check it out, I got my first 5 star and review today! It feels good to see someone enjoy my work, despite still having a few typos which I will fix. I currently have it in e-book format on Amazon for the low price of $5.99 or for free on Kindle Unlimited. So if you were a fan of this novel, please do grab a copy today and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Here’s the link



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I’ve decided to upload ALL the chapters so everyone can enjoy it at their leisure. It needs tweaks and polishing up but I wanted to showcase it as I work on it. So whether you order or not, please help me out by recommending to others around here or leaving a review.  :)
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Okay so I posted more than just chapter two. I’m on the fence if I should shoot forward and adding the rest of the book or not. I plan on doing more editing on each chapter as I go along because it’s a complete manuscript in need of polishing. 

I’d like to hear back from my readers/followers and get your input on this. I truly would love to see this novel do well in the contest, I know so does everyone else who competes, but I want people to take a chance on this one.

I know that I’m writing on a touchy subject with many people and may cause some readers to dismiss my novel completely. All I’m doing is taking an old tale and tweaking it to show how terrible the End of Days could be if everything was controlled by fallen angels and not the Man upstairs.

I’m not doing this to question anyone’s faith but rather show how dark the world could be. I enjoy a good story, especially one that take a well known story and throw a "WHAT IF" twist to it because it makes one think and see it from a different perspective altogether. I say take a chance and give it a chance too.  
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Do you like the idea of getting more for your money? How do you feel about the instant gratification of receiving  an extra novel with your purchases?  

I’ve decided to giveaway a copy of my Amazon e-book, In a World of Darkness: The Yonuh Trilogy with each preorder of The Second Coming of Hell! Think of this as a way to tide you over while my campaign to get The Second Coming of Hell fully published and give you another example of my writing style. I want to give everyone a chance to not only back my novel here on Inkshares, but to give all you book lovers something what you love the most: A FREE BOOK!

All you have to do is snag a copy of The Second Coming of Hell , send me your email address and viola! Two book for the price of backing my contest entry! I’m wanting to share these with everyone so I figured why not use my self-published novel in my campaign. Oh, and to any who’ve already have a copy of In a World of Darkness: The Yonuh Trilogy,  I will give away the sequel called Where Evil Lays Waste: Book to of the Yonuh Trilogy. 

I’m hoping to get this trilogy more exposure and hopefully  get some reviews too. So please, I begging you to help get the word out about The Second Coming of Hell by recommending it to your followers and friends and family. I will be posting Chapter two soon.  
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This is why we all write. It’s our passion to tell stories that will take everyone on an whirlwind of adventure and keep us guessing as our pulse races, wondering whether the protagonist will survive. the stories I write do these things and so much more because I believe that like in life, there will be darkness all around us and our world maybe crashing in and all seems hopeless. 

If someone reads a wonderful work of fiction and get the much needed escape for a moment and can relate to our characters in our novels and possibly draw an inner strength from them to get through the worse of time, then like in all good stories there’s a beacon of light shining in the darkness and things will get better.
I tend to write about post-apocalyptic situations because how much darker can it get when that occurs? A lot worse but these tales that we all weave can have a special impact or meaning on our readers that we never get to hear about or know and for this reason, I love writing for all of you and a Native American, storytelling is in my blood. 

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Well I wasn't expecting to get this many good reviews for The Second Coming of Hell yesterday and it warms my heart greatly to see that my storytelling is appreciated. I enjoy the Review-A-Thon and hope that it will become an annual event here. I greatly appreciate those who chose to read my novel and whether my books make the 250 mark or not, I'm grateful to know that I'm on the right path and can write some good stories. Once again, wado 
for the reviews! 

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Get ready for the inaugural Inkshares Review-a-Thon!

On December 19th, all authors and readers are invited to leave reviews on currently funding Inkshares books using the Inkshares "leave a review" option.

Throughout the day we'll be hanging out on Twitter in the#InksharesReviews tag as we share our favorite book projects, answer author Q&As, debate the merits of astronauts with swords versus cavemen with lasers, and more!

Then, from 6 - 8pm ET, JF Dubeau and Paul Inman of theWriteBrain Podcast will be hosting a video livestream filled with author interviews, review readings, and live announcements of prize winners!


Everyone who leaves a review on December 19th by 6pm ET will be eligible to win one of our fantastic general prizes:

  • Sword & Laser Contest Winners Package - print copies of the six winning books from the Sword & Laser Inkshares contest!
  • Nerdist Contest Winners Package - print copies of the five winning books from the Nerdist Inkshares contest!
  • An immediate pre-order of the book of their choice for five winners!
  • $30 in Inkshares credits!

Readers: Peruse the "currently funding" books on Inkshares and leave as many reviews as you want on Dec 19th. You could even start up a "must-have" list of books to order in case you win a free pre-order or the $30 in credits!

Authors: Join our review exchange to leave three reviews in exchange for two guaranteed reviews on your Inkshares project and a chance at author-exclusive prizes! Email me at cara.c.weston@gmail.com to learn more and get on the list.

(And authors, if you're in, please copy the message above and include it in your next update!)

It's gonna be fun. 

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Looky! Looky! Inkshares have added the option of buying the e-book version of my novel! This is great to see this and I hope it will get more people to want buy it using this option. If none do buy my book, then so be it. I want to share my stories with everyone and hope that i can make you forget reality for a while and go on an adventure with me as your guide! Any and all feedback is welcomed!

Well it looks like I made a HUGE flub when I uploaded my story. I got my first review and saw that there was a misspelling in Chapter One. I looked all over and realized that my whole story was Chapter One. I feel like such a goof but in my defense, I had no idea what I was doing. I've now fixed my flub and have the first three chapters uploaded now. To those who got a chance to read my story for free, I glad you got to see my full work for free and would appreciate more feedback. Thanks everyone!

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing and I feel anxious and excited now that I've put my work up for pre-order. I'm hoping it does well enough to go into publication. Take a look and read it for yourself and enjoy.

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