Alex Bittner
For someone with an non-religious upbringing I have an unhealthy obsession with apocalyptic/end of days stories so The Second Coming of Hell is right up my alley. With interesting characters and great background detail I can't wait to read more of this! Well worth checking out!
Michael Sebby
It's fascinating to see a story begin with a rapture taking place during modern times, followed by the human race dealing with the fallout of ghouls that are left to roam the Earth as an unlucky few are left to live in a period reminiscent of medieval times. Griffith fearlessly delves into religion and the facets of how humans deal with the crisis through their faith (or lack thereof), and it reveals a corrupt system from higher powers. He weaves a very interesting tale that involves magic, intense combat, and bold characters who are left to ponder why they were left behind. It's very enjoyable to read, and I trust Griffith will guide this story to a thrilling conclusion with his steady hand.
Thea Tiffany Alger and Kelly Graniel
Very intriguing. I love the idea and the descriptive writing of this story. I can't wait to read more of it.
Alan Tucker
This book begins with the end of days. How can a story begin with the ending you ask? Barkeep Todd Riggs would like to know the same thing, I'm sure, as he gets swept up by a fallen angel after seeking sanctuary in a cemetery near his smashed-up bar. I'm eager to see where Mr. Griffith will take this story!
E.K Jacobs
This book is really interesting. I instantly fell in love with the story and characters. I can tell that this book will be very successful.
Bryn Hagan
I can't help but wonder if the bedraggled pastor is someone you've seen in real life. I've discovered that most fiction is based on reality.
Tahani Nelson
Religious books aren't usually my thing, but I love What if stories. Similar to The Davinci Code, The Second Coming of Hell is sure to excite and enthrall readers. Definitely check it out!
Joshua Griffith
I've thrown The Second Coming of Hell into the Geek and Sundry Fantasy Contest. Be a pal and support my run at getting it into Quill! Thanks
Y. E. Katerina
I've fallen in love with this premise, love the characters, they are realistic and that's where this project shines the most. Realism in fantasy, the reality behind the fiction. It is brilliant!
Bryn Hagan
Ok, finally got around to reading chapter 2, and I really like this. It's more than a simple zombie flick, and the scene is set nicely for some greater mysteries to be solved later on in the book, which is the perfect hook. I think I'm going to have to make my 2nd ever purchase on inkshares, as I simply love zombie movies, mainly for the survival aspect.