johnsoncm's latest update for The Lion in Darkness

Dec 19, 2016

Hey Everybody.  I took a hiatus from Inkshares because I had some creative differences with the site and so I could finish up Seven Days Dead on my own.  It’s done and self published on Amazon and Createspace now, and I remembered why I came to Inkshares in the first place: Community.  I’ve gotten some really good reviews and support on Seven Days Dead but, By Jove, it’s beyond difficult to get people to rate and review on Amazon.  Since that’s a direct impact on sales.....well, you get the picture.  So I thought I’d get The Lion in Darkness rolling again on this site, amidst folk who will appreciate it.

So.  The Lion In Darkness is taking preorders again and there are more chapters up on the page for you to read and hopefully they will entice you to support the project.  Be on the look out for these chapters to hit your inboxes soon.

Thank you all, and lets try and get this one published by someone who ISN"T me!