Matthew Isaac Sobin's latest update for The Last Machine in the Solar System

Jul 14, 2016

Dear Machiners!

There are mere hours left in the Nerdist Video Games contest on Inkshares!! As many of you know, I have been competing in this contest with an amazing group of authors. We are now T-Minus 13 hours until the contest ends - and we’re aiming to finish strong and take first place!

Our book,Too Many Controllers is a collection of fifteen short stories across genres, time and realities connected by one theme: video games. We all love video games, or know someone who does, so it would be wonderful if you supported this excellent anthology. I can almost guarantee that there is something for everyone in this book!

And here’s the best part for all you machiners and fans of The Last Machine in the Solar System: my short story will feature Jonathan, the last machine, and his creator, Nikolai. This story will take place many billions of years earlier than the events of the novella, while Jonathan is still young, and Nikolai still lives. 

Much more to come as the journey continues! Thanks again for your tremendous support!