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Status Report

Study ID: S06-A14. Human Observation Study; Document: Status Update Specimen: All; Date/Time: 03:14, April 26, 3058; Author: Dr. Budd Ha, PhD

Below, the status of each Earth specimen created for research study S06-A14. At the time of this document’s printing, only one (1) viable Earth specimen remains out of the initial 1,000.

Specimen: 0001-0143, 0145-0222, 0224-0446, 0448-0554, 0556-0812, 0814-0901, 0903-1000 (Collectively referred to as Omega Group). Status: terminated. SpecTime Termination Date: March 2027 +/- 120 days. Cause: Self-induced. Data suggests the existence of a common initiating event (Zero Event) that takes place on all timelines during June 2015 +/- 60 days.

Specimen: 0144. Status: terminated. SpecTime Termination Date: April 1846. Cause: Gravitational anomaly resulted in a collision between Earth and its star. Programming glitch suspected.

Specimen: 0233. Status: stable. Current SpecTime Date: June 2008. Notes: Due to lagging timeline, specimen has not yet reached the Zero Event window of probability.

Specimen: 0447. Status: terminated. SpecTime Termination Date: January 2013. Cause: Faulty switch on vacuum motor brings about premature total galaxy extraction.

Specimen: 0555. Status: terminated. SpecTime Termination Date: January 2006. Cause: 99.98% of human population died from outbreak of elephant syphilis due to something called an “Anti-Vaccination” movement. Without a statistically significant human population to study the specimen was terminated.

Specimen: 0813. Status: terminated. SpecTime Termination Date: October —5,457,243. Cause: Several members of order cetacea fight to become Earth’s dominant species. A massive interspecies war kills off any life form capable of evolving into modern humans.

Specimen: 0902. Status: unknown. SpecTime Termination Date: estimated July 2009. Cause: Specimen misplaced, presumed destroyed.

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