Dbubklebfhbzj9qtp9m1 Eddy L. Barrows · Author · added 7 months ago
What I’ve read so far is a great first draft. I can clearly tell you know how to polish your work. You have a voice. I’m anxious for more.
Valiquette 10 22 18 028 copy Leo Valiquette · Author · added about 1 year ago
I concur. This a great start with a strong voice and  crisp prose that flows well.. 
Cxh300 Christopher Huang · Author · edited about 1 year ago · 1 like
Great opening! I’m impressed by the setup, and the "Southern Gothic" magazine felt like a real thing. I like the tone and the characterisation too, and I’m looking forward to seeing this story in its entirety. 
Dscn1660 Noah Broyles · Author · added about 2 years ago
All currently posted content is first draft material. Expect some typos, repeated words, etc. All thoughts welcome and appreciated.