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Most our negative conclusions
Are produced by resonating
With the reigning, overall mentality.

By adjusting to the background
We’re increasing its vibration.
Overcome the harmonizing tendency.

Only when we self-determine
And establish our position
Can we foster a constructive harmony.

We can elevate our climate
To more positive surroundings
By transmitting on a higher frequency.

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What we want is mostly prompted
By what’s spotted, in the moment;
What we need is mostly triggered by a lack.

Wants light up until we have them,
But die down once in possession;
Needs are noticed only when we’re forced to check.

Our requirements shine fainter
Than the decoys of temptation.
Understand the gloom produced by what’s on show.

Redirect your aim beforehand
To the wisps of our essentials.
Serve their will to revel in the afterglow.

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Breaking free demands two choices.
First of all there’s the decision
To oppose the limitations you perceive.

Yet, positions of resistance
Are still tethered indirectly
To the circumstance you try to fight and leave.

Free your mind from both conditions,
For the first can’t make you happy
And the latter is a state without rejoice.

Choose to let go altogether.
We arrive at liberation
Only after we have made the second choice.

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When it looms on the horizon,
Never run away in panic;
Fear’s an entity producing its own rise.

When we back off, it enlarges.
See through its deceptive nature;
Distance is reversed related to its size.

Fight the instinct to outrun it,
Using bravery and logic.
We can tell our course is faulty when it grows.

Turn around and keep on heading
In the opposite direction.
Fear turns tiny when it’s looked at from up close.

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Thoughts we have can be conflicting,
‘Cause they well up from two sources.
Some articulate sensations from within.

Other thoughts we have are foreign,
Like an outer-world invasion,
From around originating, nestling in.

Stand behind your inner nature.
When the world inside is outed
The created thought confusion will subside.

Inborn sympathies established
Shield from inbound interference.
Don’t forget to pick a side when worlds collide.

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