Me myself and Her
Peyton Marie Adair

Me myself and Her

I've lived for her since the first time I met her. I do not remember how she got inside of my soul and soul but, there she remains. I live for her because it makes me strong and vibrate and death feels far. I live for her and it is not a burden. I live for her too you know And you don’t be jealous for she is my only show. She’s all that want, a need always on as a stereo in the room playing her romantic love songs. I am who is always alone and now knows It is also for her, for this I live for her as muse. She who invites to touch her with your fingers Through a piano, guitar, dance, painting, a romantic evening under the sheets or stars a walk on the beach, I live for her. She is known to be sweet and sensual in every way that she exist. Sometimes she stuns my heart with all she is to this world, but she never hurts me. I live for her. I know she makes me run to city to city with a desire to see her a bit.  It’s a pleasurable pain when we are part (I live in hotels for her) With extreme pleasure flows through my veins and produces  the DNA of love, I live for her that is all I know. I live against a wall even in a harsh tomorrow every day is A new conquest for her. The protagonist, it will always be her only her. Now I want no way out her love and music in my life is worth more than money could buy.
A lesbian love story full of mystery, romance, passion and suspense.  A twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat and will keep you coming back for more.
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