Chapter 1

Dimands Falling From Heaven

Chapter One

Helene my love and hearts desire we had been separated by the ocean she live’s in Germany and I live in the Untied States. We met through Zena Field. Helene Fischer is the #1 Queen of music in Europe the # 1 top recording artist in Germany. Zena and I had a professional working relationship and she was as well an amazing friend of mine. You must wonder how I met such an amazing human being and #1 top recording Artist like Helene Fischer? Yes, Helene was needing a publisher and business engineer and Zena referred Me to Helene’s management. Helene’s business management messaged my business office here in the United States inquiring about some publishing I could possessively do for her. I was honored and our business relationship was under way! Helene and I had an instant connection and started talking every day and our relationship went from professional to a personal friendship.

Our friendship and love had grown and matured over the several years now. My heart longed to meet this woman of tenderness and love and affection. She had touched my heart and soul in so many ways. Helene’s personality was bigger than life all it’s self. I had never met anyone who flowed like diamonds falling from heaven. Her songs and her words she wrote to me were like songs from an Angle. I was intrigued and flattered and falling in love. I had disclosed to Helene the first week we were talking that I was a lesbian and that I hoped that my sexuality would not be an issue with her business proposal. She was very amenable to the fact that I was not straight and that I had no interest in men.

My heart very much desired and wanted to surprise Helene in person, something I had always aspired to do the years we were talking. Except, I was unable to get away due to business, family and I was also in the Army reserves and the golf wars were unstable.

I finely got free from business and my family endeavors and my military contract here in America. I could not think of anything else except to go surprise Helene who had impacted my life for several years now. I was in love and there in my heart of heart she was my soul mate! I sold off all my stocks and bonds and cashed in all I had and decided to make a move to Europe.

I rented a private Jet and headed off to Germany. She had no Idea of my plans. To every avail life offered me I took! As soon as I landed, jet lagged and full of excitement I felt at home and at peace in my heart and home there here in Germany. I book a place to stay, rested and the next day inquired of the best broker Germany had to offer and I set up new accounts started planning my new life abroad.

Helene, had no Idea I was there with her, more than she could know. At this point I kept in contact with her as if I were back in the states working as usual. Once I were there and established my new home of resident I went shopping and ordered furniture, and all living amenities. It was a freedom like no other. It was so refreshing a new life, new things , new home, new country and wow the fresh air of this beautiful country was so refreshing. I was like a mad woman working on perfecting every aspect of my life there before I presented myself.

I hired an assistant immediate to help me with my tasks in a new strange beautiful place and to help me get everything in order and teach me the way of life here now. I not only bought a new house on the lake I as well bought a new boat. Not to brag but I could not help myself. I was use to a life style, and was not willing to step down. Needless to say I bought as well beautiful luxury Eclipse Yacht as well to my collections of toys I as well bought Private Golf stream G650 Business Jet. I had every thing I wanted now I was a self made millionaire and the only thing I could not buy was love. I knew faith and that small voice whispering to my heart was all I had to invest my love and heart to!

Chapter 2

It was Tuesday morning and I was in bed reading the morning paper. I could not focus on anything except, this was the day I was planning on surprising Helene here in Germany. My mind raced and raced, what to wear, where to meet? I sprung up and ready to start my day! I was full of vigor and my mind popping with regal romance. I was not going to take no for an answer. I was planning on calling Helene and telling her I was in town for a few days and if she was willing to meet me. I showered and started my day it seemed like I was in a vortex in slow motion.

I finely got up the nerve to call Helene and spoke to her, to every hope I had had her excitement to meet up with me was as much as I had for her! Now I needed everything to be perfect. A romantic dinner and a moon light cruse on the Yacht, Yes I told myself it feels right and I was more than ready to be more acquainted with the woman I lived for. My diamond, my Angel, my love my soul mate. Did she have feeling like I do? Was I hopping on a falling star that would never brighten my life? Fear, my worst enemy started to boil in my body! I needed to get a hold of myself. Breath I said. Breath.....

I asked Helene could I have my assistant pick you up promptly at 7 Pm. I would send a limo driver around to pick you up. She obliged and said, “ she would be more then elated and would be ready promptly at 7 pm. I told the driver the directions to her house and where to drop her off. I wanted to meet the helicopter pad and pilot was to fly her out to the yacht and then bring her down to the states quarters where I planed on her favored music playing and the best champagne money could buy. I realized all this could back fire on me, was down to earth and not use to anything but a very normal laid back life with a small simple life regardless what I could afford. I think that was one of the things I love most about her, she was real and not looking for gold just love , a real life and the pursuit of happiness came from her heat and she was tired of being pursued for her carrier and her money! . Not what could be bought, or attained over night or frilly things. I told her nothing formal to keep her relaxed and no stress.

Helene, arrived right on time, I had everything in order and the chef was busy with the meal preparations, the caption making way to our destination and the crew working hard to please me with there attention to detail. She was amazing and took my breath away. She looked so amazing to me I wanted to speak except no words would come out of my big mouth! I was a bit intimated and unsure of myself for the first time in my life, I wanted to faint.

Our eyes met for the first time they were as deep sea green as the ocean and as deep as the soul could see. Her body was sporty and a little Dressed up … but she had something. Something you can’t buy or even try to create. She had massive sex appeal. All ready, I could not help but thinking to myself how great it would be to suck her perfectly shaped breasts and tease the nipples that look at her through her clothes and just ask me to touch them. I wanted nothing to do with dinner unless it was her on my plate, I just wanted to loose myself in her and never return! Purrrrr

Pull yourself together I told myself she will see straight through you. She is a lady no tramp, stop thinking like that, I told myself. I offered my Helene a drink of wine and she and I sat and talked. She gated how lovely the Yacht was, how impressed she was with the evening and the full moon was so perfect dancing. I put on some romantic music and asked her if she would like a tour, she said yes please so we were off and I took her on a tour of the Yacht. She said she was in love, she never experienced such a evening before and what did I have planed for us. I joked and said, just a long night of fishing for our dinner. She giggled and smiled she said, how she just loved my scene of humor. I told her I was not joking, except I was and she knew me too well.

I always made the rule don’t sleep with work colleagues or clients. It always, without exception, ends up complicated or bad. Shut up I told myself this was different I thought.... right? Yes, I told myself yes, she is different my dam soul and heart was on fire! As well, I am only human and Helene was my perfect match! She was smart, talented, a go getter, and we just clicked with out forcing anything we ever said or did together. We were an awesome match we were Intelligent, graceful and poised with simplistic and classy. Little did she know I already have planed to make her mine.

A few more rounds of cocktails and Helene and I were relaxing around each other. She even asked me to dance with her to her favored song under the moon light, WOW was i dreaming? I walked up to her and took her drink and then her hand, I took her in my arms and called the capton to turn up the music and have the chef set up for dinner. . I was hopping she could not feel me shaking nervelessly as I held her close to my body as we swayed to the song and the moon dancing along side us on the river. It was like the stars and moon in the heavens were giving me permission, to tell her how very in love I am with her, what an enchanting evening i thought ....

Helene, I love this song as well....She said to me Peyton, I have something as well to tell you, I might as well tell you now and get it over with so we can enjoy the wonderful romantic evening I see you have planed and surprised me with. I nervously asked, please what is it? Inge asked, where is the ladies room sweetheart? I would like to freshen up first she said, then we can talk over dinner; I will be right back.

My mind raced, what could she be wanting to tell me? Was all this a mistake? Inge returned and dinner was served. She said I see the caption went fishing for us this evening and prepared a very wonderful looking dinner. I replied of course he did, And the chef is the one we owe the thank you to for his wonderful cooking. I wanted to bust out and say, what is it you want to tell me Helene? I can’t take one more second. Except before I finished my thought she said it, she said... Peyton I am in love with you. I have never been or experienced a woman before and I want you. I was breathless, breath I told myself.

Helene, looked stunning in a short black body-hugging dress. Helene’s hair was up and her neck looked oh so kissable! I wanted to take it down and run my fingers through it and start making love to her neck and lips first. A heart shape red diamond necklace I had sent her a year or so ago was nestled in her perfect cleavage bringing attention to her amazing breasts. It wasn’t just me that noticed – it seemed like everyone working on the yacht, looked, closed their eyes and dreamed for a moment of her beauty in want and desire. I could not keep my eyes off of her not even the staff could.

I swallowed hard. I said, I want to make a toast... She said, that was a wonderful idea Peyton what are we going to toast to she asked? I said, the love I feel for you as well Helene I just no longer can live with out you, I am and have been in love with you Helene, not your money, not your carrier but you mind, body and soul are my only desire! I said, have moved here to Germany hopping you would want me here permanently and I need want you in my bed and life forever. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. We toasted and indulged in food and wine and talked with heart filled honesty for the first time ever. It felt like we had known each other all our life.

The harbor cruise was amazing, I did not want the evening to end. The champagne and wine flowed and we danced under the moon light on the Yacht. Helene you, smell amazing and her eyes drew me inside her. The music slowed and we moved in closer. I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her into me, kissing her deep and full of passion. I could feel the heat from her body next to mine. She put her head on my shoulder. I felt a light kiss on my neck, and heard her whisper I love you Peyton. Please take me show me what it is like to be love and touched by you.

I took her hand and lead her into the master estate bedroom, the water was like crystal glass with diamonds dancing on the water from the reflection of the stars. I let all the candles and put on some soft music. I walked up to her unbuttoning my shirt. I put my hand against her heart, I could feel her shaking from my touch. I pulled her into me and kissed her very soft and slow making love to her with one kiss, We fell into the bed.

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