Jack Myers's latest update for The Future of Men

Apr 11, 2017

I’m thrilled to report that my TEDWomen talk on The Future of Men is LIVE at www.futureofmen.com. The talk explains why gender relationships are at a pivotal juncture, and proposes five ideas for advancing The Future of Men Movement to assure that both GEN Z men and women -- our sons and daughters -- benefit from the advances the women’s movement has made in the past sixty years. It offers a response to the angry men’s movement and the politicians who advance angry responses to government, society and women! I’d love to hear your feedback -- hopefully you’ll be more open and thoughtful than the critics who have referred to me as a "mangina" and a "utopian delusional dumb fux." :) Watch my 14-minute TEDTalk at www.futureofmen.com and please share the link through your social network. Thanks, Jack Myers -- jack@mediavillage.com