Jack Myers's latest update for The Future of Men

Apr 11, 2017

Following up on my earlier email, here are sample tweets and social media updates you can use to share news about my TEDWomen Talk on The Future of Men Movement at www.futureofmen.com @futureofmen Your support will be incredibly important to help spread the word 


 Typical male response to @futureofmen. “You mean we have a future?” Watch Jack Myers TEDWomen Talk www.futureofmen.com and learn why. @myersbiznet

@FutureofMen Movement embraces stay-at-home dads as loving dads who deserve support, not out-of-work dads! Watch Jack Myers TEDWomen talk www.futureofmen.com 

Women’s mentoring groups need to embrace young men & welcome them as equals. Don’t leave them to the old boys network. Jack Myers TEDWomen Talk www.futureofmen.com

Keep boys in high school. Join @FutureofMen Movement at www.futureofmen.com. Watch Jack Myers TEDWomen Talk and learn why young men need our support. @myersbiznet

TV sitcoms and commercials need more positive portrayals of men, says Jack Myers in his TEDWomen Talk www.futureofmen.com @futureofmen

Are Gen Z young men and boys a Lean Out Generation? Watch Jack Myers TEDWomen Talk @futureofmen www.futureofmen.com. The stats will blow you away. @myersbiznet

Why are 85% of relationships that end ended by women, and how can women be happier with men? Jack Myers’ TEDWomen Talk has answers @futureofmen www.futureofmen.com