Maggie Hoyt's latest update for The Fairy Stepmother Inc.

Dec 16, 2016

Hi everyone,

I’ve been getting some questions about this, so I just wanted to clear up that no, sadly, the book won’t be ready by Christmas. Publishing is a pretty intense process--I’ve still got editing, layout, and cover design to do! Inkshares put up a nice blog the other day about how long it takes for a book to reach its release date. If I’m lucky enough to place in their List contest, I’ll get a full publishing deal, which could mean it might take a whole year for the book to actually come out. I’m from Los Angeles, so I tend to think in terms of making a movie. The actors may have finished filming, but the movie won’t be in theatres for a while!

So if you were hoping to give The Fairy Stepmother, Inc. as a gift, I’m very sorry! The good news is, you have a head start on your holiday shopping for 2017! Go you!

As always, I’m so appreciative of your support. I know waiting is annoying, but I definitely want to make sure you get the best book I can give you. So keep an eye on the List contest--here’s to good news in 2017!

Have a wonderful holiday season,