Karl M. Sjogren's latest update for The Fairshare Model

Mar 14, 2016

Thank you for the support you have demonstrated for The Fairshare Model via your pre-order. I have good news! 

If you ordered a Reader or Super Reader, Inkshares will be sending you money on your credit card as a result of a change I just made.

I changed the print version from hardcover to softcover, which reduces the cost of the physical book by a third, from USD $30 to $20. If you applied the new customer credit that Inkshares issued you, your price for a Reader (e-book + print book) will now be $15! The e-book only version is unchanged.

Inkshares assured me that the softcover (a/k/a paperback) is durable enough to be in a backpack. As a result, I am happy to go that route because it makes the price appealing to more people. 

Inkshares has received  just over 10% of the pre-orders it needs before it commits resources to edit and publish the book. This is hard work! But, its is necessary to put The Fairshare Model in that hands of thousands of  people who appreciate ideas as much as you do.

Of course, you can help accelerate that process by encouraging others to check out the preview chapter and place a pre-order too.

Thanks again!