Karl M. Sjogren's latest update for The Fairshare Model

Jun 22, 2016

Oh dear! What the heck happened?

Words to that effect came to mind when I read that Inkshares was refunding the pre-orders that have been placed for the Fairshare Model. I imagine that you had a similar response.

 Dear Reader, I apologize for the confusion. What happened was that the deadline for me to get enough pre-orders to get The Fairshare Model edited and published arrived and I was short.

 As a result, true to its pledge to those who placed pre-orders, Inkshares cancelled the project and processed refunds that will appear on your credit card this week. If you don’t see a credit, please email me.

 The good news is that I still intend to publish The Fairshare Model! I underestimated how long it would take to get the requisite number of orders, but my resolve is undiminished.

 Capital structures and valuation are off-putting subjects to many people. For many, its an unfamiliar subject. Those with insight are generally very busy. For both reasons, it’s a challenge to engage people on the idea that innovation in capital structures is possible, let alone attractive.

 Midway into my Inkshares campaign, I concluded that it would take an extraordinary effort to get 750 pre-orders by emailing people I knew. A crowdfunding expert told me that someone must receive—on average—six appeals for support before they respond favorably. Yikes! That means at least 4,500 emails!  Far more when you realize that only a small percentage of an audience responds favorably at all.

 That insight leads me to be ever-so-thankful for the support you provided via your pre-order.

 I began to write articles to promote The Fairshare Model that generated awareness among hundreds of people. I plan to do this regularly now. I also recently created a video presentation for a webinar and plan to put it on YouTube, along with others that feature points made in The Fairshare Model.

 Dear Reader, I still want and need your support. I re-started The Fairshare Model project on Inkshares. The link is here   https://www.inkshares.com/books/the-fairshare-model

 Please use it to—once again—place a pre-order for The Fairshare Model. Once again, I apologize for the confusion that resulted from the expiration of the project on Inkshares and for the bother involved in placing your pre-order again.  I still need your support!

 With appreciation,

Karl Sjogren  karl@fairsharemodel.com