The funding deadline has arrived, and I achieved a total of 295 pre-orders.  However, I have decided to switch back to draft mode so I can actually finish the book (I’m planning to re-write the 2nd half) without pressure.  Writing was supposed to be enjoyable, and for the months of Nov, Dec and Jan, I was so stressed out trying to do self-promotion, marketing and writing with my baby girl, work and life in general.  Something had to give.

So what does this mean?
It means that I will continue, in a more leisurely mode, to finish this 2nd draft.
The gracious folks at inkshares have allowed me to keep my project active, and all my followers should I choose to resurrect my project here.  They have also allowed me to explore other avenues.

So... to everyone that has supported me, I say again, thank you!
I’m sure our paths will coincide again in some shape or form.
Take care and live long and prosper!

As the saying goes, may your spark flare brightly with the stars!

12745557 10153447594251089 6930602905298833112 n Vincent Lim · Author · added over 4 years ago
Don’t know about advice, but I can tell you that I spent a lot of time on facebook hitting up family and friends persistently.  Apart from that, I approached readers in the city and at the train station but only converted 1 purchaser out of 50-ish strangers.  So, if you have more friends and pre-orders, then you’ve got your work cut out for you.

If I was in the US and had access to all the conventions, I would definitely be trying self-promotion there.

Hope that helps, good luck!
Picture Alexander Barnes · Author · added over 4 years ago
Just pre-ordered! Can’t wait to get the book in my hands!

Got a question for ya: What advice could you give a fellow Inkshare author about crossing that 250 order’s mark?


I’ve begun self-editing, for over 4 weeks now. Things have not progressed as fast as I expected, and that’s partly due to my cramming in reading a self-editing book (to/from work), Anne Leckie’s Ancillary Justice, Matthew Sobin’s The Last Machine in the Solar System, work and spending my time with my soon-to-be-walking 1 year old! No surprises that the last two taking up most of the time :^)

So, just chugging along... oh, there’s 19 days of funding left, so please do help me get a few more pre-orders if you can.

Yeah, that’s it... take care folks.


Hello humans,

Just  a quick update - I'm still very much a corporeal being in this reality, rumors of my untimely dematerialization have been greatly exaggerated.

So, I've finished revising character sheets, which can be fun and a chore at the same time (especially when you just want to get stuck back into the writing).  No only do I better understand my characters, I also know a lot more about the world/galaxy/universe I'm building (sci-fi is BIG).  As a result, I have begun tweaking Genesis to include these new developments, which I think will make the story more interesting.

Those of you with writing experience know that this is the reverse method, especially for someone who had very little exposure to fiction writing.  My consolation is that I didn't succumb to world-builder's disease.  Haha.  Anyway, I've begun first pass author-edits on Chapters 3 and beyond and hope to get a second pass editing soon after.

To those of you who have $5 credit from pre-ordering before the 31st Oct 2015, here's how you can further assist me by pre-ordering the e-book for FREE:

  1. Sign-in
  2. Click on INKSHARES (next to Recommend via)
  3. Wait 5 minutes for your confirmation email, then click CLAIM
  4. Pre-order e-book (credits are automatically applied)

Live long and prosper!

P/S: Congratulations to the winners of the Sword & Laser sequel contest! Matt, I knew you could do it! Well done!

Happy New Year humans!

I'm feeling compelled to say something poignant or inspiring, but having been working on character sheets for most of my free time during this break has somehow dampened my abilities.

So, I shall just say this... make it a good one.



I would like to announce the newest proud owner of a "limited" edition fully customized (only 1 in circulation) GENESIS poster!

*drum roll*

*more drum roll*

*even more drum roll*

*conspicuously long drum roll*


Mr Asphahani is the author of "The Animal in Man", and is currently leading the race in the Sword & Laser contest Mk II! Well done good sir!  To all the other contestants, there's still time to catch up, so keep-up the shameless advertising and self-promotion!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season. I for one, have been pigging out like it's the eve of a Zombie apocalypse.  Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, and if you didn't... just suck it up, or go out and get it yourself (for the Aussies, Boxing Day sales are in effect, so a very good excuse to get off your hinies and work off all the extra kilojoules!)

As always, stay safe during the holidays (Aussies, don't forget about double demerits) and make sure you charge the batteries for the new year!

Live long and prosper! \V/,

Wow, Sensationnel, 와우, 哇, Beeindruckend, ワオ, வாவ், Guau!

First, a huge ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to my fellow inksharesians - A.C. Weston (She is the End), J.F. Dubeau (The Life Engineered), Paul Inman (Ageless), John Robin (I have probably left out a few important people, and while I shudder to lump you into 'everyone else', it is out of pure necessity... and thus, please accept my sincere apologies) and everyone else who had been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this inaugural review-a-thon a success! Give yourself a pat on the back (even if you just shared on facebook or tweeted)!

Also, congratulations to all the winners! Yes, that's everyone, not just the prize winners!

Special thank-yous to Jamison Stone (Rune of the Apprentice), John Robin (Blood Dawn) and Joseph Asphahani (The Animal in Man) for reviewing Genesis. You humble me, my fellow story-tellers!

Lastly, to all my supporters - past, present and future, thank you for sharing this very eventful journey with me.  Genesis is still far from being complete, but I solemnly swear that I will work as hard as I possibly could, in the next 77 days, to tell you my story in the best way possible!

So, to everyone...


Imlnct1j Jamison Stone · Author · added over 4 years ago
The Cora Chronicles: Genesis is one my most earnestly anticipated books on Inkshares and I greatly look forward to its completion and release! It's rare to have the perspective of a non-human main character, and I am very excited to see this book explore the very exciting field of advanced robot/human co-existence



Get ready for the inaugural Inkshares Review-a-Thon! happening this Saturday!

On December 19th, all authors and readers are invited to leave reviews on currently funding Inkshares books using the Inkshares "leave a review" option.

Throughout the day we'll be hanging out on Twitter in the#InksharesReviews tag as we share our favorite book projects, answer author Q&As, debate the merits of astronauts with swords versus cavemen with lasers, and more!

Then, from 6 - 8pm ET, JF Dubeau and Paul Inman of theWriteBrain Podcast will be hosting a video livestream filled with author interviews, review readings, and live announcements of prize winners!


Everyone who leaves a review on December 19th by 6pm ET will be eligible to win one of our fantastic general prizes:

  • Sword & Laser Contest Winners Package - print copies of the six winning books from the Sword & Laser Inkshares contest!
  • Nerdist Contest Winners Package - print copies of the five winning books from the Nerdist Inkshares contest!
  • An immediate pre-order of the book of their choice for five winners!
  • $30 in Inkshares credits!

Readers: Peruse the "currently funding" books on Inkshares and leave as many reviews as you want on Dec 19th. You could even start up a "must-have" list of books to order in case you win a free pre-order or the $30 in credits!

Authors: Join our review exchange to leave three reviews in exchange for two guaranteed reviews on your Inkshares project and a chance at author-exclusive prizes! Email  cara.c.weston@gmail.com to learn more and get on the list.

It's gonna be fun.