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Just pre-ordered! Can’t wait to get the book in my hands!

Got a question for ya: What advice could you give a fellow Inkshare author about crossing that 250 order’s mark?
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The Cora Chronicles: Genesis is one my most earnestly anticipated books on Inkshares and I greatly look forward to its completion and release! It's rare to have the perspective of a non-human main character, and I am very excited to see this book explore the very exciting field of advanced robot/human co-existence

G'day folks,

Found this article in today's West Australian... page 6 of the Today lift-out.

Hopefully, it will provide exposure, pique curiosities and boost sales! Yes, I'm still going for 750! Please help me! If each of you get one more reader, that's 2/3 of the way there... so, your partner/wife/husband/bf/gf, mum, dad, sister, brother, friend, work colleague, your local IGA check-out chicks/chooks, uni mates, lecturers, evil ex-girl/boyfriends... all you have to do is get them to:

  1. Sign-up - wait ~10 minutes for the email confirmation;
  2. Click the CLAIM CREDIT button;
  3. Go back to the site and click PRE-ORDER my book for USD$5;

To assist, I have prepared the following comebacks for some of the most common responses:

  1. "I don't read" - "don't need to, just wait for the movie."
  2. "I don't read sci-fi" - "really? are you saying you don't have an imagination?"
  3. "I hate sci-f"i - ... (quietly walk away from the crazy person, then run fast)
  4. "I don't know, it's expensive" - (scornfully look at the takeaway coffee in their hands, then say) "seriously?"
  5. (general display of apathy) - "look, it's the season of giving, and by pledging your support, you're helping an upcoming author tell his story and you get to be part of that journey! While he might not be the next J.K. Rowling or Andy Weir (actually, he just might), but your contribution today might just push him in the right direction."
  6. "Sure, how do I do it?" - (don't freak out, calmly and purposefully get their email, and send them this link https://goo.gl/UJujLI) "Thank you so much! I'll let Vincent know, I'm sure he'll be stoked!" (or ask them to google "The Cora Chronicles")

So, what are you waiting for? :^)


Sincerely yours, Vincent

P/S: Merry Christmas!

Greetings inhabitants of Sol-3!

I am pleased to announce that the long-awaited Chapter 1 is up and ready for your reading pleasure! 

Thanks to my hard-working editor, Tyler, for his tireless efforts in helping me whip this collection of jumbled words and ideas into a cohesive flowing story. Also, to my wife who has been so patient with me while I've stayed up most nights tapping away on the keyboard.

I will be sending this chapter out shortly from within inkshares, but those of you who are keen can go to: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/the-cora-chronicles-genesis-0162/book_segments/chapter-1-4493

Please leave comments/feedback and by all means, criticism as well. Do remember that it's still a work-in-progress until I reach my funding deadline.

Oh, and if you still haven't found out about my amazing watch-giveaway, please head over to my facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/theCoraChronicles



Homo sapiens! 

I am stupendously excited to announce that Chapter 1 is almost ready for release on inkshares!

Subsequently, I will be taking down chapter 11 to make way.

As always, I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have editing it! LLAP.

Greetings everyone! 

To generate more interest and to ultimately get to the magic 750 goal, I'm going to be giving away a really awesome watch... the Spirit of St. Louis (Midnight Black, RRP 209 €):

The « Spirit of St. Louis » model has been inspired by this famous custom-built, single engine, single-seat monoplane that was flown solo by Charles Lindbergh on May 1927, on the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris. 

 The watch is equipped with a Miyota OS00 Chronograph movement and a glass slightly curved. The Spirit of St. Louis collection brings the classic, handsome look of the 1920s to present day.

Mixing day-date chronograph pilot design with modern touches like the suede leather strap, this watch fits any occasion. By wearing the watch over the years, the leather strap develops its very own distinctive patina.


What does it all mean? It's a cool-looking, elegant, kick-ass watch that will impress. 

So, how can you win it? 

 Terms and conditions: 

  1. Contest is open to everyone. 
  2. To be eligible, simply recommend and get your friends/family/work colleagues to pre-order my book. You will get (1) entry into the draw (there will be a video-recording) for every (5) successful recommendations (see #3). Self-purchase copies will also count. 
  3. A successful recommendation requires that the person who is purchasing uses your referral link (see #8 below) to pre-order. When this occurs, you will get a confirmation email from inkshares.com. You will need to present these emails as evidence for qualification prior to the draw date (see #4). Note: you will get a bonus USD$10 credit for each recommendation. 
  4. The draw for the prize will occur on 6 March 2016 (7pm local time UTC/GMT+8).
  5. The winner will be announced on this page and notified via email. 
  6. All decisions are final. 
  7. I will pay for standard shipping, but if the winner wants a faster option, he or she or it (in the case of a robot) is welcome to pay the difference. 
  8. You can obtain your referral link (as a registered user of inkshares) by clicking on the 'email' icon on TCCG's page. 
  9. I reserve the right to make amendments to the above conditions, but this will be in notification. 
  10. Feel free to contact me if you require clarification or have questions about inkshares etc. 
  11. This contest is not affiliated with facebook or inkshares.

Humans, just FYI, there is now an e-book only option available for pre-order and it's *only* USD$10 (or USD$5 after you apply sign-up credits).

So let's get our mice & dominant click-finger ready to SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Let's give this book the success it deserves!

P/S: Oh, and I'm going to be running a promotional prize giveaway in the upcoming days.
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Congrats on hitting the light goal!


This has been a hectic week:

  1. I hit 250 (yay!)
  2. A5 flyers are out in the real world
  3. Inkshares will roll-out an e-book only option for USD$10 (5 with sign-up credits). WHAT?! 

Yeah, I'm back in serious contention! For all you people who haven't bought a copy, really, it's AFFORDABLE again. Once again, I'm imploring all my backers, all 237 of you to help me get 1 more reader... 1, it's not difficult. I'm sure you have at least one friend you are still on good terms with (right?)... that person might be a colleague, a family member, the lady with the cats, anyone really. Anyone. You've got me this far, but you can get me further.

So, let's all get out there and recruit at least another Humani, so together, we can make this book the best it can be!

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Congrats on the 250! :D