Greg Chen's latest update for The Cora Chronicles: Genesis

Nov 9, 2015


The 'borrowed' cover art is now obsolete. I can now say that the entire book is original!

Also, I've begun putting up some A5 flyers all over the city (Perth), so if you happen to spot one, maybe just pretend to walk up and say (just loudly enough), "Oh wow, I think this is so cool, I'm going to scan the code and see where it goes to!".

For those of you who are going, "Hmmm... I can't let Vincent do all this hard work! I paid for the book, and so I want that book to be the BEST** it can be!" FEAR NOT! Please use the following link: TCCG A5 flyer

** Note: Although the book will be published at the 250 pre-order funding goal, the attention and effort that will go into the book by inkshares + girl friday (editors) will not be as fantastic as if I hit the 750 pre-order goal.

Anyhoo... hope you're having a great week so far! LLAP \V/,