Vincent Lim's latest update for The Cora Chronicles: Genesis

Dec 26, 2015


I would like to announce the newest proud owner of a "limited" edition fully customized (only 1 in circulation) GENESIS poster!

*drum roll*

*more drum roll*

*even more drum roll*

*conspicuously long drum roll*


Mr Asphahani is the author of "The Animal in Man", and is currently leading the race in the Sword & Laser contest Mk II! Well done good sir!  To all the other contestants, there's still time to catch up, so keep-up the shameless advertising and self-promotion!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season. I for one, have been pigging out like it's the eve of a Zombie apocalypse.  Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, and if you didn't... just suck it up, or go out and get it yourself (for the Aussies, Boxing Day sales are in effect, so a very good excuse to get off your hinies and work off all the extra kilojoules!)

As always, stay safe during the holidays (Aussies, don't forget about double demerits) and make sure you charge the batteries for the new year!

Live long and prosper! \V/,