Christopher Lee
Swinson's Pandaemonium is zany, whimsical, and captures the lightning in a bottle that Douglas Adams did with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The world is filled with twists and turns, the characters are full of spunk. This is fun bottled and sold!
Christopher Lee
Zany, whimsical and full of fun. Swinson has set the mark. Pick this one up soon!
J. Graham-Jones
Bridging the gap between our world and the fantastic, The Axiom has the potential to be an entertaining fish-out-of-water story. I look forward to seeing how average-joe Jack deals with the bizarre land of Pandaemonium and the aptly-named city of Chaos.
Y. E. Katerina
Secret weapons, supernatural assassins, a best friend who is an ancient entity, and this is all just a Tuesday. This project is set in a well developed world that you instantly want to know more about.
Chrissy Cook
A fascinating premise from a witty author! Chaos and Order being personified as settings is a unique idea that I am excited to see turn into a full-fledged novel.
Kyle T. Cowan
I enjoyed the prologue. Had good visuals, and concise descriptions that drew me in. The cover art is also pretty sweet!
Joseph Keeler
Very captivating! Seems like a real keeper. Eager to see more!
Allison Griner
The way the supernatural elements of this story unfold in chapter oneĀ is really nicely paced. Jack's life seems incredibly mundane at first, but we start to peel back the layers and see that there's much more to him. A really engaging start to this story! Definitely worth a read.
J.M. Bush
Very creative and inventive story. Already drawn in by the description of Pandemonium and intrigued by the magic in this world and its ties to ours! Exciting stuff!
Scott Carss
Very interesting premise. Hope this gets published so I can read more.