Tabi Card
A most intriguing concept - this is one to watch!
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Interesting concept and well written. check it out today
Christian W
Sounds interesting! Definitely want to read this one.
Erin Butler
Not often I can suggest a book about my favourite disease - so few people want to hear that - but here it is! Biological warfare turned sideways.
Brian Fitzpatrick
Check out this awesome idea, and help John Carter move up in the Hard Science contest going on now!
H. Wardrope
A lovely blend of your expected sci-fi and unusual twists. I'd definitely suggest everyone go pre-order themselves a copy of this novel!
Kathy Wim
Super interesting concept!
Billy O’Keefe
A character study with a half-centry of history attached, and that's just from the about page. Worth a look to learn more!
RF Martin
Anything that mentions the arms race spiraling out of control in the first sentence has my attention. This is a great concept.
Bryn Hagan
Great start, reads well, and hooks you immediately. You'll know after the first page or two if it's for you.