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H. Wardrope

Sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast
H. is the author of
There are people who were born different - an evolution of humans, perhaps. They are only referred to as ’Others’.
Books H. Recommends
This is one of those things that, even if you're not a fan of the genre, you're still hooked by the first paragraph. Give the prologue a look guys!
Rasputin was a normal teenage boy, living in a harbor town in Northern Michigan, and working in his grandfather’s book shop...until the day his grandfather goes missing, and he is plunged into an adventure in a magical world that was lost to history.
Horror is definitely my thing, and this is horror done right. Creepy and a little bit weird. It's a collection of short stories rather than one novel, which I think is great. Give it a look, it's up for preorder now!
An ancient evil sits at the bottom of the lake. Slowly releasing darkness into the world. There are those who protect us. Just hope they find you first. 13 stories of the supernatural. (Paperback)
Really great mix of genres, and a gorgeous writing style! This book is accepting pre-orders so I suggest checking it out~
What started as a boss encounter for Maggie in the RPG Scales of Time: The Land of the Scorched ends up becoming an unusual adventure full of twists, turns, and dragons...lots of dragons.
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