Takim Williams
Tears of the Assassin is the kind of immersive story that can get you into trouble. I read the eight sample chapters in one sitting on my office desktop while I should have been working. The character of David Diegert is immediately relatable and the reader feels moral indignation at the way he is treated by his father, brother, and the army as we root for he and his mother to overcome their problems. And that's all before the cold-blooded killer and evil genius world takeover part! Schiele clearly understands that truly high stakes are grounded in truly believable characters, and I can't wait to see how David's story ends.
Stephen Carignan
Gritty and real, Tears of the Assassin brings the reader in with seemingly real characters, creating the origin of the protagonist. The writing is fast paced and suspenseful, with great emotional conflict throughout. This story promises to be a great read, and I look forward to reading more.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Deep seeded drama and action. Shows a hard life of someone in the business of violence trying to function outside of it. It adds a sense of desperation and frustration to the character which is extremely interesting and humanizing. Tears of the assassin is an intense and intriguing read. 
Jason Pomerance
If you like your fiction dark and noirish, if you like it gritty, real and a little hard-boiled, you will love Tears of the Assassin. Schiele draws us into this clandestine, somewhat twisted world, and once we're there, we want to know more, and we want to follow his hero's journey. So looking forward to the finished book.
Mike Donald
In Chapter 6 our hero Diegert rebels against his greedy commanding officer. The author lays out the corrupt drug operations, reminiscent of the film Air America, and shows us with uncanny skill how deep the conspiracy went. We can start to see how heavily Diegert has been burdened by his personal situation...unable to escape from the peer pressure from other complicit ranks, he's reached a breaking point. In a visceral and violent sequence Diegert stands up to his commanding officer and beats him to a pulp, thus sealing his fate. Facing a court martial, or winding up dead...possibly killed by the soldiers he's subjugatedto serve...Diegert begins the journey that will turn him into the ice cold assassin we'll follow with such fascination. Can't wait for this book to be finished...I've already pre-ordered!
Rebecca Getzinger
Its not often when you find a book like Les Miserables or a Series of Unfortunate Events, where you find characters who are enduring or capture your interest, yet they must go through suffering, injustice, or too many wrongs to the point that they remind you what it feels like when the whole world seems unfair. You will get this with the main character of this story and it leaves you hoping that something will finally go right, as well as to find out what happens next.
Sounds interesting, though I am having trouble pronouncing the names of your characters ;) Tip: how about keeping your sentences simple :)
Alexander Barnes
Loving it so far.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Gritty and interesting. Cant wait to see more
Kirsty L Jennings
A suspenseful thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. The very first chapter draws you into the world of David Diegert.