Evan Graham's latest update for Tantalus Depths

Jun 9, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen, and sapient AI, I have a phenomenal announcement to make:

As of right now, Proteus is in THIRD PLACE in the Nerdist competition!

All we need to do to earn the full Inkshares publishing deal for Proteus is come in third. If we can hold onto this position, it’s as good as first place. BUT we’re only ahead of the competition by one preorder right now, so there’s no time to rest yet. I want to get some space between Proteus and the competition (well, the competition behind us, anyway. The competition in front of us can get as close as it likes). In fact, I intend to keep going and seize second place just to be safe. First place too if I’m feeling frisky.

Please keep up the support! So much can happen in the next two weeks, and success can only come with your continued support. If you have a significant other or sibling or parent or child who you can convince to put in an order, please do whatever you can to make that happen. If everyone who’s ordered a copy so far gets one other person to do the same, we could tie with first place in a day.

Once more into the breach!