Evan Graham's latest update for Tantalus Depths

Jun 7, 2017

Day three in the Nerdist Science Fiction contest, and Proteus is still climbing the ranks, sitting solidly in the top ten. The support you’ve been showing has been amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for it. As promised here comes a story-focused update. Introducing the city-sized marvel of deep space travel, The Somnambule:


The Somnambule is a home to thousands, many of which will live their entire lives on its vast decks. It is an ark. A refuge. A prison. A tomb.

Thousands of lightyears away from the home they left and the home that awaits them, the inhabitants of The Somnambule are well and truly on their own. When conflict erupts in the chambers of this colossal monolith, more than 50,000 lives hang in the balance. One man will take it upon himself to save them from destruction. But the question must be asked...who will save them from him?

Order Proteus, and find out!

p.s.: It’s pronounced "SAHM-nam-BYOOL" I know someone’s gonna ask. ;)