Evan Graham's latest update for Tantalus Depths

Jan 15, 2022

Hello my friends, and welcome to the far-flung future year of 2022. 
Tantalus Depths finished funding in fall of 2016. It’s crazy to think about the fact that we’re now in the sixth year of development, but I’ll be honest, I’m feeling every year of it.  
I never thought when I started that it could possibly take this long. I was a naïve baby author six years ago with only the most superficial understanding of how the publishing business works. I’ve learned a lot since then, (mostly the hard way) and even though parts of this process have been absolutely grueling, I think I’ve grown quite a bit. 
I do wish I had known how long this process could take when I started, though. I have long felt guilty for accepting all of your generous help and faith all those years ago and having no clear answer for how long it would take for you to see the payoff. I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible throughout the process, but I also want to be respectful of your time and not pester you with repetitive updates during the long stretches of time when I was either working through yet another round of edits or waiting to hear back about the last one. 
But fortunately, for my first update of the year, I have some news worth waiting for. 
As of this last week, I have put my stamp of approval on the absolute final manuscript for Tantalus Depths. Editing is complete, and fully set in stone. I will never, ever, ever have to make changes to this book again, thank God. It’s off to the typesetter now, who will finalize the internal layout and make my words look nice and pretty on every page. We have an ISBN number now, a copyright page, an acknowledgements page, a list of grand patrons; every bell and whistle is accounted for. The “book” part of the book is 100% done, at long last. 
My publisher and I are now working with our cover designer on the book’s final cover, which we should be able to reveal in the next couple of weeks. I’m incredibly excited for the new cover, and I cannot wait to be able to show it to all of you. 
A finalized release date is also coming very soon. Ongoing covid uncertainties have made it harder to plan our launch with precision, but I can confirm it is 100% coming out this year, most likely early summer. As soon as I have a definite date, I will be sure to let you all know. 
That’s all the news I have for now, but there will be more coming soon. Thankfully, things should finally start to ramp up speed over the next few months leading up to release, so future updates should be coming fast and frequently. Thank you all for your continued patience. I promise you, it is going to pay off very soon.