Evan Graham's latest update for Tantalus Depths

Jun 6, 2017

Two days into our campaign for Proteus, and we’ve already worked our way to tenth place in the contest, out of 150 entrants. The support we’ve seen already is phenomenal, and it personally warms my heart to see how much faith so many of you have in me that you’d be willing to rally for me a second time even though the first book is still in production. I promise you, I won’t let you down.

We’ve made it to the top ten in record time, but now we have to climb through them. At the time of writing, 17 pre-orders stand between Proteus and the coveted third place position, and I fully expect those numbers to rise significantly by the end of the contest. We mustn’t lose momentum!

Only 18 days remain in this contest, and after that, we’ve either won or we’re done. There will be no long pre-order campaign this time; it’s total victory or defeat. We’ll be getting Tantalus Depths no matter what, but with this contest won, we’ll have the beginning of a franchise rather than a single novel. If you can spare as little as ten dollars, please lend Proteus your support, and tell all your family and friends about it. I’m passionate about this story, and I am so eager to share it with you.

Expect to see some new story content updates in the next coming days. We’re exploring a completely different side of the galaxy that we were introduced to in Tantalus Depths so expect to see some brand new story elements with a familiar feel to them. For now, I leave you with this new promotional video for Proteus. Please feel free to share it with anyone, anywhere!