Joshua L. Covarrubio's latest update for Tales From Mist Lake

Sep 25, 2017

You’re probably wondering why I have not updated recently. I want to tell you now that I had to set aside a few priorities, in order to see how my friends and family were doing around the Houston area.

That along with other recent things happening with multiple hurricanes and the recent earthquake have left me startled. I know that many of you have friends and families in these areas.  Please understand why I have decided to take a small break from pushing this book out.

Now that is almost the end I will try and push forward and getting more orders out. This will be the last time of the year that I choose to try and publish these select short stories. I hope many of you can understand my choice.

I have also been trying to get another audio reading out, but I have failed to find the perfect reader for the job. If it was a male voice I would do it myself, but I need a female voice. I will spend the rest of the week trying to find one, for the short story mirror house. If I do not find one, I will find a male or read another story.

Thank you all for understanding again. If you cannot purchase a copy please share this page.