Joshua L. Covarrubio's latest update for Tales From Mist Lake

Jul 2, 2018

It has been some time since I have posted and update. Thank you all for following along. While I was going to wait for a contest to start another campaign. Well I haven’t heard anything in almost a year. I decided now was the time to set up 

’Tales From Mist Lake’

Horror Anthology, Psychological thriller
An ancient evil sits at the bottom of the lake. Slowly releasing darkness into the world. There are those who protect us. Just hope they find you first. 13 stories of the supernatural. 

All stories are written, They do need a good polish to help with continuity and grammar. 

Letting you know this is for paperback not hardcover. It was changed last time, but it still says hardcover. Very confusing I know.

This will be the only promotion happening this year unless a contest starts that fits one of my other books.

Joshua L. Covarrubio