Nick Danger Feder's latest update for Tale of Boulderoth

Aug 10, 2016


Photoshop is a wonderful thing.  Here, I have created (kinda, roughly) the nine Ephemeral Titans (working title), the giant monsters that float around in the cosmos...doin’ stuff.  Anyway, these are interdimensional supergods and that’s really all you need to know.  Starting at the top we have:

Takhsona: The Golden Takin, Baghantir: The Great Tiger, Baazste: The Mighty Eagle, Ajaraa: Lord of the Dragons, Maghoda: The Noble Horse, Ediya: The Cunning Wolf, Soarkaman: The Selfish Boar, Sundarakh: The Elegant Peacock and everyone’s favorite, Dharin: The Dark Ape.

These guys shape the cosmos and all the things within and without them.  Fun times.

Earth, Sea, Empire