Nick Danger Feder's latest update for Tale of Boulderoth

Feb 8, 2016


I made a world map!  You probably recognize a few of these continents.  That one there in the center is where the book takes place.  To the southwest is where the Keima’i people come from.  To the southeast is Rhyfell Proper.  The Grey Crag is too small to see on this map, but it’s part of a triangle extending from the southern tip of Yhur and Rhyfell Proper.  The Immortals and pretty much all life comes from that island to the north west of the Ma’i Islands and to the northwest of that is where the Dwarves and Uurians (centaurs) are banished when the Immortals rise up against the Uurians and take back their sacred cities and lands.  That charred little spot all the way to the southwest?  We don’t talk about that.  You guys are great!  Much love and a thousand thank yous!

Earth, Sea, Empire.