Nick Danger Feder's latest update for Tale of Boulderoth

Feb 2, 2016


It’s #ToBTuesday!  Quick update: I finished the map for real.  Maybe not for REAL, I have to add silly things like roads and there’s a certain blank spot that should be in a rather central location, but other than that, this is pretty much what the map of the Immortal Lands looks like in current book times.  A shame we don’t see those lands in the actual book, but it all helps shape the world.  I finished up the broad strokes of 80,000 years of Immortal History (that’s roughly 160,000 human years) (Oy vey).  From their earliest days in the Sacred Mountains of Boku (now western Tenshu), through Birth of War and the Expansion (to the northwest in Yashikina) to their Golden Age, when they explored just about everything but that south western plain, to their conquest and subjugation by the Golden Herd who lived in that southern plain, to their Uprising and Reconquest of their Empire, the Immortals have pretty much just been trying to find out why their gods abandoned them.  (Seven teenaged daughters trying to control one manic toddler (war) while their parents try to run the universe.)  If you think about it, they’re kind of adorable from a distance.  Up close, though they’re covered in tattoos, they’ve got deadly weapons and the skills necessary to pretty much turn you into peanut butter.  Not even kidding.  Peanut butter.  We have fun here.  Pre-orders are coming in slowly but surely (maybe too slowly?  Maybe not so surely?  there’s still time.)  Thank you all for your support!  Enjoy the map.  I’m working on a world map that puts pretty much the whole deal into perspective and paints a pretty (mostly blue (oceans)) picture!  Lots of love!

Earth, Sea, Empire.