Tony Valdez
Vampire tale with an Interview with the Vampire kind of vibe. Check it out!
Janna Grace
Sweet Torture takes vampires to a completely different level, with a narrator whose voice is fresh and confident. Definitely check it or if you love Anne Rice!
Tony Valdez
Shannon Saldin's Sweet Torture reads very much in a similar vein as Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Drake is a vampire retelling his own history, owning up to his own misdeeds and revealing the true monster which has plagued him for ages. Valentine, who relishes the horrors of his vampiric nature, is a creature thriving on obsession, manipulation, and abuse which he sees as his form of love. While Drake is a vampire as well, we sympathize as he attempts to become something better. I am anxious to see if he succeeds!
Joshua Griffith
I find this story fascinating and intriguing because it makes me think of  Interview with the Vampire in how it's written but with a twist. The strange and manipulative play between master vampire and his newly turned victim shows the darker side of vampirism that most don't get to see, like an abusive relationship that only happens behind closed doors. I can't wait to read more.
Joshua Griffith
a good read so far, kinda makes me think of Interview with the Vampire, but way different. I hope to read more of this one and i recommend others give it a chance too.
Rishi Bee
A vampire doesn't want to vampire! Inconceivable, but sounds like a great book
Durena Burns
The three chapters I read have such an intimate flair because of the horror and supernatural elements and also from the truthful dialogue coming from the narrator Drake. I really like it. I want to read more!