Jaye Milius
A hilariously unique concept, engagingly written and adorably illustrated. Also gaming, profanity, and a naughty monkey. Sign me up!
J. Danielle Dorn
Yes, please.
Brian Guthrie
An octopus gamer?! Yes please.
Stephanie Brooke
This is so creative. I could hardly believe the premise when I first read it, then I continued reading... and I was hooked!
H. Wardrope
I've certainly not seen a concept like this before, and it's absolutely great! Give it a look, and consider a pre order!
Lauren Drube
Okay, this exactly what I needed. What a riot! You need a fun read at the end of the day, and this fits the bill.
Dann Matias
Very fun read! Check it out
Thad Woodman
Dom L
Ken Lindsey
The opening excerpt of 'Squids In' is packed with humor and over-the-top awkwardness. So obviously, I'm enjoying it immensely!