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Lauren Drube

Reader and writer living in Minnesota
Lauren is the author of
Centuries ago, an ancient prophecy foretold the betrayal of Dalran, when a mad sorcerer would bring darkness to the continent and ignite the great war. Now, six prophesied heroes must journey across war-torn wilderness to defeat the Traitor.
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Okay, this exactly what I needed. What a riot! You need a fun read at the end of the day, and this fits the bill.
When the world’s best online gamer turns out to be an octopus, it’s not long before he goes missing...
Not only does Tal seem like a fantastic writer and overall person, "The Punch Escrow" threatens to pull you in from the very beginning with its witty narration and unique perspective on the scifi genre. I cannot wait to read more!
It’s the year 2147: a time of enduring peace on Earth. The Last War ended half a century ago. We can cure most ills, the air is pure, and teleportation is how we get around. Sounds great, right? So why does everyone suddenly want to kill Joel Byram?
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by Terry Pratchett
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