Mark A. Mix
I find myself a bit jealous of Antimony's descriptive ability.  The story, so far, is eloquently written and does a superb job of forming a detailed picture in my mind.  I anxiously await what happens next.
Chrissy Cook
Caught by the cover, held by the story - a crisply-written urban fantasy with twinges of divinity and supernatural influence.
With such a strong and compelling first chapter, how can you not want to read this book?
Joseph Keeler
Wow! That is an amazing opening paragraph! I got chills reading it. Truly awesome talent here.
Jane-Holly Meissner
Well-crafted characters, and three sample chapters to let you get to know them - Noon's world appears carefully constructed and I'm anxious to see how these characters fit together in the context of the larger story! Give Spectrum a try.
J.M. Bush
I'm one chapter in and hooked. Great writing here. She pulled me into the story effortlessly. Ready for more!
J.M. Bush
Sometimes the words choose themselves. Well, these words were chosen well. Spectrum
is, at one chapter in, already a very cool story. I counted myself as along for the ride almost right away. As a fan of magic, and mages, in particular - especially in an urban fantasy - I am excited about what is to come.
Danica Power
This book got me hooked from the very beginning. I can't wait to see what Antimony Noon has planned for Spectrum!!!
J. Graham-Jones
Tight description, compelling characters and a story that teases you with just enough progression to keep you wanting more. I can't wait to see where this one is going! 
Ferd Crôtte
Beautiful writing! Reading the first chapters gives me a delicious dark anxiety of dread. I'm loving the feel of this book!