Lena (Helena and Malena)'s latest update for Sparked

Aug 18, 2016

Hello dear Insharkesians,

I sincerely hope that everyone is enjoying the last and hottest weeks of summer! It’s 104 here in Oregon, where I’m visiting my mom. Not that I’m complaining. After a "summer" in the low 60’s in San Francisco, it’s great to sweat and need sunglasses. Also, Sparked is set in Oregon, so it’s fun to be here now, as we are getting ready to launch our Inkshares campaign, comparing the real place to the backdrop of our novel. When we were writing this book, Helena, who was born and bred in London, did an amazing job of imagining life from the point of view of a native Oregonian. I could not have done half as well if we’d chosen a Brit protagonist! This week, we wrote a column in response to a question about how to launch a later-in-life career as a freelance writer (whether it’s viable, worth it, how to go about it). It’s a little more nuts-and-boltsy than some of our other columns, but we always have fun responding to reader letters. If anyone in the Inksharesiverse has a writing question they feel flummoxed about, feel free to send it our way!


(Ma and He)lena