Lena (Helena and Malena)'s latest update for Sparked

Sep 1, 2016

My computer clock tells me it’s 4 am. That’s about the time when Laurel, the main character in SPARKED, wakes up to find her sister missing from her bed, and the novel begins. 

No one in my home has been abducted (that I know of). But I was so excited to launch this book campaign today that I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep. So I decided just to do it. 

This is is, folks. Thanks so much for bearing with us, if you’ve been following along for the past few months. It has taken us a moment to get ready to pre-sell copies, but we’re finally doing it. I just clicked the button and our campaign is launched. (Wow-that makes me feel like an astronaut or something).

The novel is completely written and, though I’m sure it could use one more edit (because even when I read aloud from my last published novel, I’d see things I wanted to fix) it’s in pretty good shape. Good enough for government work, as my dad used to say. We are so excited to give our little project wings. Well, actually, to ask you to help us to give it wings. 

For every 25 copies that we pre-sell, I will be uploading another section of the book, probably about 5 pages (a stand alone scene) at a time. I hope that gets us through a scene or two in the next few days. 

Our novel is a thriller about what happens when high school mean girls get superpowers, and a girl they bully has to count on them to save her sister, whose abduction may be connected to an ancient prophecy. It’s set in this world (in Cascade, Oregon) but definitely veers into supernatural territory after the story gets going. We will be entering the Geek&Sundry fantasy novel contest, and while we know that this isn’t quite the same as some of the higher fantasy novels therein, we hope to add something new to the mix of wonderful books already doing so well. 

Thanks again for following us. If this sounds intriguing to you, we’d be endlessly grateful if you supported SPARKED and helped to make this dream of ours of publishing this book a reality.