Lena (Helena and Malena)'s latest update for Sparked

Oct 4, 2016


What’s that you say? It’s "Mean Girls’ Day"? You may not even have known that there was such a thing. But indeed: October 4th is "Cinnamon Rolls Day." It’s "National Ships In a Bottle Day." It’s "Taco Day." And it’s "Mean Girls’ Day."  Since we couldn’t let this one go by without any fanfare, we’re celebrating by posting Chapter 4. This is the one that comes right before things get weird. (Weirder?) In other words, the next chapter will begin to reveal how this novel fits into a fantasy contest. We were initially going to wait and post this chapter to celebrate hitting 600 preorders, but with just 5 to go from that milestone, it seems worth celebrating early (crossing our fingers to cross that line soon). But hey--I’m also al for eating dessert before the meal. Life’s short. Better to celebrate prematurely than not at all. 

If you’re reading along, happy Mean Girls’ Day! Hope you enjoy. Oh yeah, and THE TOTE BAGS ARE IN! I’m going to figure out how to upload an image of someone stylish rocking one. From here til the campaign’s end, if you order 3 copies, you get a tote bag mailed to you with our compliments (and profuse thanks).