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If you’re reading this book, you have been selected.

You, and anyone you share this with, are now candidates to fight in a war that has been waged for centuries. A war between the humdrum and the extraordinary. Science versus sorcery. Euclideans against spell-casters.

Around 400 years ago, magic began to disappear from the world. Steam engines and computers took the place of enchanted plows and spell books. Familiars were replaced by Google. Science became the primary system of belief. Everyone, not just the intellectual elite, had access to time-saving, other-worldly devices such as calculators and microwaves and flame-throwers. The secrets of spell casting were forgotten.

This was all the work of Euclideans - a secret society of craftsmen who devised an anti-magic campaign that began with the Spanish Inquisition and persists to this day.

But despite their efforts, sorcery isn’t gone.

Not at all.

The energy used by spell casters, the same energy that can transform matter and control the elements and compel creatures — it’s still out there. Waiting to be harnessed, like a wild unicorn running through a wood. We need only to find an innocent maid, lure the horned beast into a net of finely woven gold, tie ourselves to its back with unbreakable chains (preferably ensorcelled silver), then hang on like grim death until it grants us a wish. Easy!

But perhaps you’re intimidated by such arcane procedures. Perhaps, with your wi-fi Interwebs and cellular pocket phones and instant everything, you find it difficult to absorb the intricacies of a 3,000 year-old art.

I am happy to say, I have a solution. This volume is the first in a series designed to train the modern young person in ancient and/or complicated studies in a fun, entertaining manner. Complex ideas will be broken down and explored through illustrations, instructions, and informative sidebars in three delightful categories:

[SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS: Throughout this book, many magic-related lessons will appear. These sections will discuss, analyze, and reinforce such concepts, so that novice spell casters may improve their skills.]

[ENCHANTING DETAILS: If there’s an interesting fact about a non-magical person, place, or thing, this is where you’ll find it. Just don’t quote me.]

[BEWARE THE EUCLIDEANS: Finally, space has been allocated to educate you on the history, identification, and avoidance of sorcery’s most dangerous foe.]

Most importantly, the beginner’s path to sorcery will not be presented in a dull, textbook-style format. The best lessons are often imbedded in stories, so readers will be introduced to spell-casting through the tale of one young magician-in-training named Owen Macready. Through his example, you will learn the five aspects of all enchantments, the twelve basic incantations, how to duel with more experienced magic practitioners, and the true power behind all great sorcery. (A hint: It’s not power.)

By turning this page, you are electing to join the battle. To learn sorcery and use it responsibly. To stand against the Euclideans and any who would suppress, destroy, or subjugate the arcane arts. If that sounds like too much work, pray go no further.

Still here?

Then let’s begin.

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