Trick Dempsey's latest update for Seven Days a Servant

Aug 30, 2016

Yesterday, I posted about how to earn the Seven Days a Servant: The Cliffhanger Beta! However, there has been some confusion about the second step - the Inkshares Recommend Button - so I’ve created a handy visual guide to getting your copy of the Cliffhanger Beta!

Here are both steps for completionists out there:

1. Pre-order Seven Days a Servant in any format.

2. Recommend the book using the “Inkshares” Recommend button on this page:

Click this button:

Fill in this blurb and press "Recommend":

You will know it worked if you can mouse over a portrait and see your quote:

While all the other recommend buttons are certainly appreciated. Only those that use the Inkshares recommend button will be signed up for getting the Cliffhanger Beta.


Trick Dempsey