Trick Dempsey's latest update for Seven Days a Servant

Sep 1, 2016

New Podcast! The Crooked Thimble Plays Iron Immortals Episode 001: Sudden Gendering

Together with some friends, we’ve started a Dungeon World game in the same setting as Seven Days a Servant. This week’s episode follows character creation and the building of the region where the game will take place.

The Crooked Thimble plays Iron Immortals using the Dungeon World System by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel.

In this session, we create characters and establish the world of Promise. Conversations about gender and the history of of names. Various nouns are thrown around. We establish that Texas is not Missouri.

Iron Immortals Class Sheets:

Game Master: Trick Dempsey (@trickdempsey on Twitter)
Players: Briana Dempsey (@BrianaNDempsey on Twitter), Bob Poteete (@RobertPoteete on Twitter), Hannah Garbacz.

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