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The Cast

When Samba began, it was intended to be a comic book. The influence still remains, as many of the chapters are centered around motion. I contracted a very talented artist from Chile to give life to the characters. The designs were always intentioned to be a bit cartoony, to match the light-hearted nature of the writing.Above are the initial sketches of the four main characters. Samba, the main character, had shorter hair and a cockier attitude than the final version. 

Lupin the cat is the comedic foil, the commentator with a  sly reply to everything going on around him. He’s the animal sidekick to Samba, in the tradition of wise-cracking animal counterparts in animated films.

Jazz is the third protagonist in our motley crew. A dedicated and worldly detective, his moral compass means he’s conflicted between his feelings for Samba and his sworn duty to uphold the law.

Finally, the last primary member of our cast, the mysterious Gentleman, master thief and primary antagonist. It is he who sets in motion the events that cause Samba to separate from her family, as well as the initiating events of the story. 

Beyond the four main players, there are three more characters who play pivotal roles to the story

Jack, whose name has appeared in the chapters so far, is the mentor character. Samba’s trainer, and the person who teaches her the history of the Thieve’s Guild, has a past with her parents. However, in the civil war that envelopes the Guild, his loyalties, as well as his motives, he keeps close to the vest.


Noah Taiko, Lord of the East, the Old Dragon, Shogun of Sorrow. He advocates a Thieve’s Guild built around order and control. But at what cost to its soul? He also has a secret connection to Samba.


Last, but not least, Carlos Montenegro. Rival and leader of the opposing faction against Noah, he advocates for the old ways of thieving, despite the threat of the modern world overtaking the guild. Samba will find herself caught in the middle of the goals of these two warlordsInterested in more? Excerpts will be posted up at least once a week, with more art and descriptions as the 3-month pre-order sale. If you want to read the full novel, pre-order!

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