Rose Jermusyk's latest update for Sally Forth

Apr 17, 2018

WARNING: My next 100 days of Morning Writing (livestreamed on YouTube HERE and Twitch HERE) is gonna be devoted to SALLY FORTH.

Now, those 100 days are scheduled to begin May 1st and end August 8th. But I’m getting started early to get all the things squared away:

  • new cover art (done)
  • new book blurb (done)
  • new about page (in-progress)
  • more fully-realized world-building including Keanu Reeves’ role in the unfolding of future-historical events (in-progress)
  • almost total rewrite to bring focus on the sisterly dynamics (scheduled to officially begin May 1st)

All live-streaming is 9-11am EST daily (unless some unavoidable scheduling conflicts and I do it earlier in the morning or am forced to skip a day).

Looking forward to doing some proper fiction writing for you,