Rose Jermusyk's latest update for Sally Forth

May 9, 2018

Hullo Neighbors!

Anybody else experience a sudden burst of actual Springtime this past week? Because the cold weather is finally done here in Providence (at least, for the time being).

This past week I was able to complete a charming little PDF download of The Original Chapters and to make Tarot outlines for the three short stories I mentioned in the previous update. The Original Chapters will be removed from the project page as soon as I’ve finished writing The Short Stories, which will themselves only be available on the project page temporarily.

Speaking of The Short Stories, today I begin work on them in earnest. If you mosey on over to my Twitch channel HERE and my YouTube channel HERE, you may just find me working on them via typewriter. Why? Because sometimes I want to avoid spoilers, for your sake.

If you really want the PDF of The Original Chapters without waiting for Sally Forth to be available for pre-orders and reach funding and all that, please note that I am considering doing a soft re-launch of my Patreon page which would mean that you could also get the PDF of The Short Stories early as well. BUT, I haven’t decided to do that yet, so the Patreon page is still in need of numerous updates.

Here’s to posting The Short Stories soon,