Rose Jermusyk's latest update for Sally Forth

May 1, 2018

Hullo Neighbors!

Today marks the start of 100 Days devoted to my working on Sally Forth. And things are going to be little different from the 100 days spent on the Narratemes project:

  1. Instead if 10 days in draft mode and 90 days campaigning, I will be spending 25 days in draft mode and 75 days campaigning.
  2. Whereas my previous project was pretty much written and just needed editing and a touch of rewriting, this project will be going right back to the tarot outline and completely re-worked.
  3. Previous project had no additional goodies during campaign mode, this project will have two, if not three: (1) the three chapters currently up will be made into into their downloadable PDF since they’re basically going bye-bye; (2) the three main characters will have short stories written for them to help establish their footing in the fictitious world that will be temporarily available on the project’s "Read" section and then only for download by those who pre-order the book; and, (3) I’m going to be creating a detailed record of this project’s development including historical notes, creative challenges, and how I use tarot for both plotting and character development which should all be revealed in these updates over the course of the project before making it into a special edition PDF for those who pre-order the book.

So, here we are on Day 1 of 100, currently in draft mode, and totally excited to be sharing this story!

Good journey,