Robert Batten
Rule Britannia has the beginnings of a classic Steampunk adventure. It captures the essence of the genre wonderfully and presents us with rich characters I'm already eager to follow.
Sergey Grechishkin
Helen has a vivid, engaging and direct tone of voice. The opening chapters are smooth and straight to the point. The premise of the novel also sounds very intriguing. It has all indications of becoming an exciting read!
Jane-Holly Meissner
A delicious steampunk adventure with a devious Queen Victoria (do you like Cersei in GoT? Of course you do) and a plucky airship captain - not to be missed!
Fernando Crôtte
Ooh, I'm liking the dastardly tone of Queen Victoria! Ha! 1984 meets Firefly!? I'm fascinated!
C. Brennecke
It had me at 1984 meets Firefly. *take my money!*
Brian Fitzpatrick
I love stories of underground resistance thwarting the plans of an oppressive ruler! Add in an alternate British timeline and I am so in!
Sandra McKeon
Excellent first attempt wish I knew more people. Cannot wait for more chapters to read.
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
Rule Britannia is AWESOME! You all should definitely catch THIS! Love these characters!
A well written, and well constructed world meshed with make believe and certainty. Worth checking out as it's currently funding. Good luck!