A little Introduction

Who are we?

We are human beings. We are just like you- the reader- trying to get through life doing whatever we can to get by. We are your everyday, ordinary common folk.

So what is this?

This is us. That probably sounds strange, but it’s true. This- this book in it’s entirety- is us. We are our stories and poems and drawings. We are what we have experienced and gone through. We couldn’t be here today being who we are if we hadn’t gone through all the shit we’ve gone through.

Just as we’ve gone through shit, we’re sure so have you. Everyone does. It’s not that complicated to understand. For us, this is how we cope. We share what we’ve gone through to help not only ourselves feel better, but help others feel better as well.

So read on, if you dare.

(We sincerely hope you do.)

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